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Easter Carrot Cake Recipe

For more recipes, see Easter Dinner. Traci Smith is a Capper's Farmer editor. She enjoys cooking and baking, crafting, and just hanging out with her Labrador Retrievers, Boone and Ellie.

I Love Carrots!

I love carrots. Not the anemic tasteless ones you buy at the grocery store, but the real ones that come fresh from the garden. Once you've eaten one of these, you will never eat any other kind. Daddy tried to grow carrots when I was a child, but had no success. The ground was too hard and ...

Carrot Cake Waffle Recipe

I had a cup of pineapple leftover in the fridge that had to be used up this weekend. When I saw a recipe that called for crushed pineapple in the local paper I knew I had to try it. They came out great. I hope you can whip up a batch to share with your family this Easter.Carrot Cake Waffles1 ...