CCC Food – Part 2

“He won’t eat his vegetables!”  What mom hasn’t said that?  The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) didn’t have any moms around but the leaders in charge of the camps knew that in order to keep the young men working they had to serve healthy food.  Serving the food was one thing, ...

Food for the Tree Army – FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Before the Greatest Generation enlisted in the military during WWII, many were part of one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s alphabet soup agencies – the Civilian Conservation Corps.Spread across the United States, these young men, 17 – 25, were sent out to reforest America.  In just three ...

Editor’s Notebook: New Deal-era spirit lives on

Many of the memories from my childhood and youth feature community buildings or park structures or bridges and streets that came to us courtesy of a remarkable program that my parents frequently referenced: the WPA.The WPA started its life as the Works Progress Administration, the largest ...

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