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We’ve Always Known

We always wanted land on which to build a homestead. But then, some stuff happened:Decades of work and learning, Trying to build a career, make money and raise a family, Working in gardening, eating fresh vegetables (too much most of the time), Loving the smell of freshly tilled soil, the ...

Life and Farming a Step at a Time

We live and farm on 106 acres of steep hardwood rangeland (mostly oaks). Less than a quarter of that is viable for agriculture; besides, we want to keep the remainder undisturbed as much as possible. A variety of creatures live here – our domestic animals include sheep, chickens, two dogs, ...

Editor’s Notebook July 2005: Change

Change. That simple word can set many people's teeth on edge. It's often a word we would rather not hear. For some, it causes great anxiety and upset. For others, it's something to look forward to with great anticipation. But whether we welcome it or not, change is simply a necessity of life. ...