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How to Build Chicken Coops: Adapting and Converting

Whether your chickens roam free on acres of rolling farmland or kick up dust in your backyard, they are going to need a place to rest sooner or later. Farmers and poultry enthusiasts Samantha and Daniel Johnston will help you obtain the right knowledge and know-how to finally build and prepare ...

The GreenBarn

After dozens of modifications, I’ve finally settled on a floor plan for my new greenhouse-barn combination. Because space is limited, I wanted to make sure I utilized every square inch to its fullest potential. I’ve been studying the needs of all the livestock and plants that may ...

The Rooster and the Bass Fisherman

Our house in southern Ohio had a pond with some of the biggest bass in the county. For the avid angler to pursue those trophies at the southwest corner of our pond, though, he had to climb over a white fence in front of our chicken coop. From that tiny coop, we allowed our chickens to freely ...