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Oven Cleaner

Photo by Nassima RothackerThere is nothing worse than the smell of chemical oven spray. It literally makes you cough, so you can only imagine what is in it. Sure it’s quick and easy, but with a tiny bit of elbow grease and patience, you can have a chemical-free, clean oven. Makes enough for ...

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

Photo by Nassima RothackerDiffusers remind me of super fancy bathrooms in really expensive restaurants. Well, guess what. This one costs under a fiver and you can make it smell like a real garden, not a fake and sickly coconuts on a beach kind of smell. Yuck. These are best made in small ...

Mama Was Proud of a Clean Outhouse

My mother took such pride in keeping our outhouse pretty. She insisted Daddy put her in a window and she kept fresh curtains up. There was a "wishbook" for us to look at by day and a flashlight handy to keep us from being scared of the dark.Mama kept a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a ...

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