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The Straw Bale House

About 15 years ago, my husband and I attended an Eco-festival in our home town. One of the exhibitors was a woman who was building a straw bale doghouse. She had a photo album of her past projects and from that moment, we were hooked. We knew then and there that we wanted to build a straw bale ...

A Recycled Downsized Greenhouse Idea

A greenhouse? Nah. Don’t need one. We garden all year without the aid of a greenhouse. But it would be nice for me to hang out in a warm, sunny greenhouse on cold winter days. So, maybe .... We started gathering old windows. The plan was to create a foundation and framework to hold all ...

A Well-Constructed Outhouse

I have many memories of our outhouse in northern Minnesota. Unlike many outhouses in our small town, ours was very well built. I know because my father built it and I watched him. After digging the pit, he dug four holes for the corner posts, long cedar logs around which he poured cement. ...