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Spruce Up Your Space

A home should be a reflection of you and your personal style, and I believe it should tell a story about the people who live there. But what if the story or first impression you’re telling isn't a true representation of who you are? As a designer, I believe that when your surroundings are at ...

6 Best Ways to Save Money on Your Home Projects

In the wake of the housing crisis, more people are investing money in their homes when buying a new one is not an option. Even if you are brand new to the do-it-yourself (DIY) lifestyle, renovating your place is easier than you may realize. Here are six of the best ways to save money on your ...

Scrapbook photos – Getting adventurous with your layouts

When you have selected the photos for your scrapbook, you’ll need to decide how best to lay them out on the pages. Don't feel obliged to follow any principles that don’t suit your own design. There are no specific rules stating that all photographs or mementos must be placed in ...