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Finding the Good in Challenging Times

As I write this letter, many of us at Ogden Publications are working from home, in an effort to keep us, as well as those who have to be in the office, safe and healthy. Hopefully as you’re reading this, things have settled down and are well on the way to getting better. Right now, though, I ...

Editor’s Note: Scent of a Cellar

Photo by Getty Images/Kimbra RitchieEvery fall and winter, I walk down into my basement pantry and grab jars of canned tomatoes, pickled okra, or peaches for supper. I stand in front of those shelves filled with food I’ve put up all summer long, and dream up a meal. Those of you who put up ...

Editor’s Note: Making It Fit

Photo by Getty Images/fizkesNext to the garden, the sewing room is one of my favorite places to work. I love being surrounded by colorful fabrics saved up for quilts, pillows, and, lately, dresses.When I was young, everyone made their own clothes because store-bought garments were expensive. ...

Editor’s Note: Learning Acceptance

Group Editor Rebecca Martin. Photo by Queren King-Orozco.Shortly after I’d bought my first house, I was gung-ho to tackle some homeowner projects, including a bathroom faucet needing to be replaced. That presented the perfect opportunity to test my DIY chops, so I wrangled a lesson from my ...

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