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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

The very first time we stayed at our newly purchased house, it was the middle of winter. I was seven months pregnant and had a 2-year-old at the time. It was the first time my husband or I used a woodstove. The previous owners left us some wood and gave us some quick instructions on how to use ...

The Reason God Made Hawthorne Bushes

This! This is the reason God made Hawthorn Bushes. I forget all year that there might be a good thing about these horrible, thorny and obnoxious weed bushes. When I see this scene in the winter I remember something good about Hawthorn Bushes. This makes me forget the thorns tips broken and ...

Kids Will Be Kids

Winter is coming again and as I look out the windows here in Idaho and see the first little dusting of snow, I think of the differences where I was raised up here and my husband’s family being raised in Alabama. Many things will be the same, but with kids having more outdoor time during the ...

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