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North Georgia Homesteading By Jaymie Pierce We have 18 acres nestled in the North Georgia mountains where we are homesteading, growing our own produce and raising our own meat. We raise chickens, ducks, goats and Great Pyrenees. Our website is all about the homestead, The Pierce Ponderosa Farm.

Can You Make Money From A Homestead?

There are varying opinions on making money from a small homestead. I have heard a lot of people ask this question, as we did in the beginning, “Can you make money from a homestead?” For our family, we don't make a profit with our homestead. We call our place a hobby farm because that is ...

Medical Supplies For The Barn

If you are raising livestock, than you have probably had some sort of animal in your house. Whether it's because they are sick and you are trying to rehabilitate them, or they are needing to be bottle fed, I'm sure you have turned a room into a small livestock stall. I have had plenty of ...

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