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Wild Roses

Have you ever smelled the fragrance of a true wild rose?I hadn't. I only thought that I knew what roses smelled like. That is why I laughed so hard when my mother-in-law had me smell something that she said smelled just like roses. We had given her a gift one year for Valentine's Day. It was a ...


Rhubarb used to be part of every homestead. It could be seen growing next to haysheds, chicken coops, barns, shops and right outside the door to the house. This is the old fashioned rhubarb, the kind with the huge leaves and strong green to ruby red colored stalks. The kind that makes your ...

Homemade Fries

I love french fries. Salty, crispy and yummy with some ketchup on the side! In my effort to eat healthier and do more cooking from scratch, I decided to try something this year. I have said that I don't want to eat from a specific fast food chain with my favorite salty, crispy fries. My ...

An Old Barn

As I drove up to the barn, I could hear the gravel crunch under the tires of my car. The tall grasses were waving on both sides of the driveway and a row of shorter grass grew down the middle. At one point in the road, there was a low spot where all I could see was the billowing grass, the ...

A Proper Introduction

Our Old Place Farm didn't start out as a farm; it started with one horse and some barn cats! The barn cats had kittens before I could catch them and that is when the growth began. One kitten remained and has grown into a beautiful adult plus the two original farm cats. One day a skinny stray ...

As Simple As Carrots?

I was raised around homegrown food! My Grandparents loved to grow things. Grandma grew flowers and fruit. Grandpa loved to grew vegetables, fields and fields of alfalfa hay and sunflowers! He was always happy to dig up potatoes, so excited at how many there were. He would grin from ear to ...

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