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Summers at Mini and Papa’s Virginia Farm

Memory is a funny thing. We can forget what we did last weekend, but we can remember with sparkling clarity a conversation from 40 years ago. Some events, and some places, just seem to have a grip on us, rooted in our minds forever. That’s what my grandparents’ farm in rural Virginia is ...

The Family Farm

It had been 42 years since I'd last seen my great-grandparents' farm. It was where my mom's side of our family would gather from time to time during my childhood. It was a haven for my siblings and me. My father was a minister, and we moved often, so the farm provided us children with a sense ...

Second World War: Old Farmhouse

My family lived in Arkansas when the second World War was declared. I remember very well how much our family was upset when my dad got his call to serve his country.Our grandparents, aunts and uncles lived 70 miles away. My parents decided that Mama and her kids - all six of us - should move ...