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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas is upon us once again. It seems that only yesterday we were preparing for Christmas 2016. Where does the time go? As I get ready for the big day, my mind wanders back to all the Christmases of the past.Christmas is much different today than it used to be. The celebrations were more ...

How to Make an Old Fashioned Rag Rug: Part 2

I'm going to share with you something other teachers don't share. My first effort. I should say "I meant to do that." But I didn't. It was very good because it taught me a lot. The more you do this the better you get. Just like anything. Anna and I are having fun. This is to show you no one ...

How to Make an Old-Fashioned Rag Rug

"A job worth doing is worth doing well."Anna with her friend the monkey. There's a woman I know who is a neighbor of ours. She lives across the creek from us and her name is Anna. She is in her 80s and is not in good health. In spite of that, she is still full of pep especially if you mention ...

Gramma’s Old-Fashioned Twice-Cooked Chicken

When I was a kid a bazillion years ago we would often visit my Gramma Frieda in Illinois. She was born and raised there, a daughter of a prosperous German farmer and married to the son of a Lutheran minister. She was not excessively religious but she was a terrific cook. I have mentioned her ...

Good Ol’ Days: More Stories

Communication Has Made Huge Improvements Today, I don’t go anywhere without my cell phone. When it recently went missing for a day, I was completely lost. Before I found it, I was brought up short with remembering what it was like before we even had a phone in our house. During the Great ...

Good Ol’ Days

Strength Gained Through Hard Work When I was a child, many families in our rural area were poor. My family had no electricity and no indoor plumbing. We also didn't have a car, but we were blessed to live within walking distance of the school, the church, and the little country store.Times ...

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