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Plan Your Plantings for All-Season Beauty

Many people think season-long garden beauty is an impossible dream. In reality, it’s not impossible at all. It just takes planning and effort. We’ve all heard so much complaining about our climate here in the central United States that we expect disappointment from the outset of our ...

Planning a Cutting Garden

Learning to grow and savor what you produce is what makes farming a lifestyle not just a living. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2011), from husband and wife team Michael and Audrey Levatino, provide a working example of how to live sustainable lives while protecting the land. In this excerpt from the ...

Planning and Constructing Water Gardens

Whether your water garden is simple or complex, Water Gardens (Fox Chapel, 2016), by Alan and Gill Bridgewater, guides you through all the key elements to a successful water garden from choosing a project to stocking it with fish. The Bridgewaters have international reputations as producers of ...