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Roasted Pumpkin Soup for a Chilly Autumn Day

I decided to try my own version at home with some of my freshly pureed pumpkin. I tend to experiment, sometimes to my own hurt. So I also switched some other ingredients (like sugar for honey) and added more pumpkin spices. My "sprinkle" of curry was a bit overzealous and too pungent, so I ...

Pumpkin Soup Recipe With Crabmeat

THE VERY BEST PUMPKIN RECIPES:Best Pumpkin RecipesPumpkin Soup With CrabmeatAny variety of hearty fall squash or pumpkin can work well in this pumpkin soup. I like my puréed soups so refined that I strain them through a sieve just before serving. Yields 6 to 8 servings.3 tablespoons olive ...

Classic Pumpkin Bread Recipe

THE VERY BEST PUMPKIN RECIPES:Best Pumpkin RecipesPumpkin BreadPumpkin is a vine that really spreads out. So whether we grow pumpkins in a particular year depends largely on how much space we have. I like having fresh pumpkin because it really can be used in a lot of different baked goods. This ...