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Guide to Punch Needle Crafting

The best way to hold the punch needle is to hold it as you would a pencil.Depending on how deep your frame is, you may need to adjust your hold of the frame to keep the needle from hitting your work table. I prefer to work with the top of the frame leaning on the edge of the table and the ...

Plant Cover Tutorial

Punched pieces are a lovely way to decorate plant pots, especially when displayed on tables or shelves. While making this cover for a plant pot, I decided to make a sleeve to slip over an existing pot rather than a container with a base. As a result, this project is so much easier to make and ...

Trivet Tutorial

Trivets are a must for any table as wool is a natural absorber of heat and the lanolin in wool helps it to repel liquid. Not only will this trivet protect and insulate a surface from hot pans, pots and dishes, but with its geometric design, the patterns and colours of the project will provide a ...