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Bloomer Incident During Recess

At that time, mothers made their daughters bloomers of black sateen. (A shiny black cotton material.) At noon hour, the boys and girls had a baseball game. This one day, a girl was running to the bases when the rubber in her black bloomers broke. They started going down around her legs. She ...

Recess at One-Room School Was Lots of Fun

The first two years we attended the one-room school the yard had only a sturdy teeter totter. There was not even a swing. Some time during the summer between our last two years, some of the neighbor farmers added a pole with a basketball backboard and hoop. We often used to shoot goals, but we ...

Recess Games at One-Room School Were Fun

We walked to the one-room school, Point School, when I had Mrs. Hazel Hieronymus for my teacher all eight years. At school we played circle games like two-deep, fox and geese, and some ball, but the most fun was "Andy-over" - throwing the ball over the schoolhouse with a team on each side. If ...

Youngster Enjoyed Attending One-Room Schoolhouse

Our family lived on a farm about a mile from a one-room schoolhouse. When I was five years old the teacher, who was boarding at our home, invited me to walk along and visit school on opening day. I was completely entranced - didn't miss a day the whole school term.Some of our recess and noon ...

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