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Ricardo Elisiario

Homey Gardening By Ricardo Elisiário Occupation: Freelance writer Place of Residence: Sintra, Portugal Background: Master Agricultural Engineer Current Projects: Content creation and copywriting for a few websites Ricardo Elisiário is a frenetic freelance writer for hire. He ...

12 Herbs That Will Save You From Bug Bites

Do you live year-round in the tropics or are you bound to a more temperate country? It’s roughly the same, for the summers can get pretty hot and equally buggy.Since none of us rejoice with the flying buzz and vicious jaws of some little critters, let’s go over a few species of herbs that ...

20 Unbreakable Rules for Becoming a Real Gardener

Sometimes we think of ourselves as gardeners, good ones; other times, we are too doubtful about our knowledge and skill to even publicly disclose our hobby. Here follows a list of 20 simple tips that’ll make your gardening practice something to be proud of — bragging allowed!Have Your ...

All About Maidenhair Ferns

Ferns are now still as trendy as ever before. Since Victorian times they’ve been used for the nice and exotic looking houseplants they are, displayed either by themselves or inside a terrarium or greenhouse, where the environment can be made most appropriate to raise these plants.This one is ...

Organic Béchamel Salad Recipe

Yields 2 servings.IngredientsSauce:• 2 tablespoons of butter • 1 tablespoon of refined flour • 2 tablespoons of finely chopped garlic • 3 cups of milk (preferably warm) • Salt (to taste) • Freshly ground cayenne pepper • Oregano • 4 tablespoons of cheddar cheese ...

A Grower’s Night Out: How to Garden If You Work the Day

It can be impossible, or feel like a nightmare, to manage a garden while the sun is already shining on the opposite half of the world. Yet, it’s not, and if you’re forced to garden at night, then know that it could be worse and that there are even some upsides to it.It’s dark and ...

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