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Savanna Restoration Series: Part 4

(Read Savanna Restoration: Part 1 HERE)(Read Savanna Restoration: Part 2 HERE)(Read Savanna Restoration Part 3 HERE)After the 500 saplings had been planted, by hand, one sapling at a time, it was time for some tubing!Well, yes, that kind of tubing first … but then it was time for some savanna ...

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 3

Picture this: You are the 23-year-old owner of 40 acres of chemical-free, stunningly beautiful though-somewhat neglected land. You decide to restore your land to its historic roots as a Midwest Savanna. In late summer, you get together with another young farmer who knows how to do these ...

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 2

(Read Part 1 of my Savanna Restoration Series HERE.)(Read Savanna Restoration: Part 3 HERE)(Read Savanna Restoration: Part 4 HERE)Here at Farm on the Hill, we are faced with the problem of a lush but tired hayfield in great need of food: the natural fertilizer that grazing ruminant animals can ...

Savanna Restoration Series: Part 1

It’s been a busy summer up here in beautiful Wisconsin! The work has been overwhelming, exhausting, sweaty and dirty, but we think it’ll all be worth it. So what is it that we’re doing here at Farm on the Hill? Welcome to Part 1 of my Savanna Restoration Series! Farm on the Hill is ...

From the Brooder to the Pasture

My last blog post left off with the purchase and homecoming of our day-old turkey poults to the brooder that Farmer Bryan had just finished ... in the nick of time! The little birdlets spent seven cozy weeks in their newly crafted brooder, where they learned to eat a little grass and the ...

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