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Preserving the Harvest: Garlic Scapes

I am lucky enough to live in a climate where I can garden all year. But even with the year-round ability to grow food, there are some things that have such a short season and need to be enjoyed right away or preserved. Canning is my go-to method for preserving most things. But this Spring, ...

Sarah Black

Sarah's Farm to Fork By Sarah Black Occupation: Stay at home mom, Gardener, Hobby Farmer, Home school mom, amateur sourdough baker Place of Residence: Central Valley, Ca Background: Trial and error, learning as she goes Current Projects: Expanding vegetable garden, embarking on ...

Simply Delicious Chicken Potpie

Chicken potpie is one of those comfort foods we all know and love. However, I was not aware until recently how few people actually make them from scratch anymore. From talking to different people, I’ve realized most think that this classic is difficult or time consuming. But it does not ...