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Dogwood Hills

I love living in these Arkansas Ozark Hills. We have many scenic drives and so much to see and do. I have lived here all of my life — 56 years so far — and I am still amazed at the beauty and variety of attractions within a stone's throw of my childhood home. I hope to share many of the ...

Using Essential Oils on the Homestead

Homesteaders are self-reliant individuals who are willing to work hard to provide a family centered life with natural and wholesome ways of living. Using essential oils on the homestead is an additional way to provide purity and to eliminate chemicals from invading our bodies and ...

Happy to Be Here

This is my first blog for the Capper Farmer family and, boy, oh howdy, I can tell you I am happy to be here. It’s an honor to be among you, and I can’t wait to join the discussion about all-things-small in farming and homesteading. I even have a discussion point for this introductory ...