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Simple Ideas for Supper

Photo by Getty Images/rudisillJust because you’ve had a long and exhausting day, or you’ve still got a million things left to do, doesn’t mean supper has to be cold sandwiches or a meal prepared from a box. And it also doesn’t mean your only quick solution is to pick up a pizza or ...

Outhouse Trick

My first recollection of the old outhouse was that I always had to go out there on "liver" night. It was practically a standing rule at our house that we had liver and bread and gravy for supper at least once a week. Now liver was about the least favorite food of mine that my mother could ...

Outhouse Snake

This true story has been told down through the years about my husband's parents. This happened about 45 years ago in southeast Missouri.Every day when Dad came home from work, he immediately made his way down the path with his newspaper, to the little house out back. There he stayed for a long, ...

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