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Mon Potager

Outside my backdoor is my kitchen garden or potager. This area is really more an herb garden now with a newer kitchen garden not too far away. Having the herbs right outside the kitchen door makes snipping fresh herbs for cooking so easy, even when winter brings early sunsets.Potager, or a ...

Spring Means Peas

One of my favorite early spring veggies to grow is peas. Easy to grow and abundant producers, this wonderful legume will provide lots of peas for fresh spring eating and many more for freezing to enjoy all year. Pea VarietiesPeas, like lettuce, are a cooler season crop. To grow peas, the ...

Garden Clippings: Basic Gardening Terminology

Soaring fuel prices affect just about everything we do, from travel to grocery bills. This year, I predict that the backyard vegetable garden will be important to even more people than in years past, in an effort to offset some of the grocery tab.Vegetable gardening can seem like a daunting ...

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