Mary Conley

Old Dog, New Tricks

By Mary Conley

When my husband Larry and I were in our late sixties, we purchased 20 acres, which we proudly refer to as our farm. Much to our city-raised children’s surprise, we became consumed by this new life, spending the week working our regular jobs and the weekends toiling on the farm. We didn’t understand this obsession either, but we loved every minute of it. Larry has since retired from the United States Postal Service, and I have reduced my piano students from 40 to 10. We continue to live in the city but spend long weekends and the summer months at the farm. Little did we know when we bought the land, our hearts would be torn between two homes. However, we are constantly doing and learning new things and can’t imagine spending our golden years any other way.You may read about our first four years at Hobbyfarmhoneymoon.yolasite.com, the year 2013 at Hobbyfarmhoneymoon2.yolasite.com, and later years at Hobbyfarmhoneymoon3.yolasite.com.