Melissa V. Willis

Sky Minded and Ever Growing

By Melissa V. Willis

Sky Minded & Ever Growing is a space where I share all of our adventures in urban farming! I document, through stories and photos, our slow and constant journey from a life built around consumerism and instant gratification to something a little more sustainable.

What started out as a few tomatoes in pots has, over the past few years, evolved into an almost complete mini-homestead. We are trying our hands at a more productive lifestyle by learning some forgotten skills, investigating some new ideas and doing our best to enjoy all of the adventures we stumble upon while attempting to green our little piece of the high desert landscape.

As an extension of my website, Ever Growing Farm, I will post here at least once a week about backyard chickens, honey bees, organic gardening, environmental issues, DIY projects, recipes, environmental education and family life in general on our tiny little 1/8 acre urban farm in the middle of Santa Fe, New Mexico.