Susan Berry

Live, Love, Farm

By Susan Berry, Horticulturist/Homesteader

I live and work on Itzy Bitzy Farm, which was born out of a dream and perseverance. I am a fourth generation Massachusetts resident. My husband, Don, and I owned and operated a 4-acre farm in North Carolina for eight years, where I returned to attend college and got a degree in horticulture. In 2010, Don and I moved back to Massachusetts. We are now homesteading on less than 1/4 acre. It is my hope to share my experiences, lessons learned, a few mistakes, and success stories with all who have a desire to be more self-sufficient by raising their own food. Itzy Bitzy Farm is a hope, an inspiration, a refuge, a stepping stone. From a tiny seed, comes a bountiful harvest. Itzy Bitzy Farm is family-owned and operated in Southeastern Massachusetts. Visit our blog at Itzybitzyfarm.com.