DIY Jar Shelf

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This DIY project of a jar shelf is an ingenious way to maximize space.
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“Vintage Crafts” by Clara Lidstrom is a do-it-yourself guide to crafting projects for decorating on a budget.

Vintage Crafts(Skyhorse, 2013) by Clara Lidstrom is a guide to crafting on a budget. Vintage flair isn’t just classy and cute; it’s fun to create and perfect for any budget! So, let your creativity run wild on trips to the flea market, and don’t back down from that deal at the yard sale. This is the ultimate home decor resource from Sweden’s number one lifestyle blogger, Clara Lidström. With Vintage Crafts, use paper scraps, teacups, and a splash of paint to decorate your house room by room.

The jar shelf is an ingenious invention for maximizing space.

What You Need:

  • glass jars with lids
  • shelves
  • staple gun


  1. Clean the jars and caps firmly.
  2. Then place the shelf upside down and lay down the jar lids, with the tops toward the shelf, at the desired distance from each other.
  3. Attach the lids to the shelf with a strong staple gun or with a screw and a screwdriver.
  4. Turn the shelf over and screw the jars into the lids.


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Excerpted with permission from Vintage Crafts by Clara Lidstrom. Copyright 2013 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Also available at Barnes & Noble and your local bookstore.