Upcycled Projects for Easy Home Décor

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This upcycled bookcase uses painted apple crates to make a rustic chic place for books and knick-knacks.

While recycling today is trendy, I want to take it even further — not by decorating our homes with secondhand objects, but by starting with everyday objects that we have at home or can find easily.

I propose that you upcycle or repurpose these objects, so common and ordinary that we lose sight of their decorative potential: things such as crates, wood pallets, white cotton sheets, glass jars, bottles, tin cans, white dishes, lampshades, and more.

Here are a few ideas for easily transforming crates, glass jars, and tin cans into budget-friendly creations that’ll add a “rustic chic” flair to any home’s décor. No need to be an expert in do-it-yourself crafts. All that’s needed is the desire to implement them.

These projects were excerpted with permission from Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Decor by Sonia Lucano, published by Weldon Owen.

    “Upcycle! Turn Everyday Objects into Home Decor” by Sonia Lucano reveals simple and stylish DIY projects that use common household objects.