Crafting During the Winter Months

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February is almost over. Unfortunately, winter is still here and I have the dreaded “cabin fever.” I hate it! I am an outdoor person that really doesn’t like cold weather. By this time in the new year, I feel like I am going nuts. I try hard to keep myself occupied by catching up on reading my favorite books and magazines. Sometimes I need more than just a good book in order to keep the cabin fever at bay, though.

I took up knitting hats a few years ago. I will be honest, I’ve never been one that really liked the idea of sewing or knitting. However, I found a set of looms at Wal-Mart that makes knitting hats rather simple and easy for me. I have even found that it can be a little bit relaxing. At least, it is when Jake isn’t trying to steal the yarn that I am knitting with. Once he grabs it, he’s off! Then I spend five minutes unraveling it from the chair that he ran around several times before letting go of the ball of yarn.

Then there is my pot holder loom. I’ve had that metal loom since I was a kid, and I still enjoy using it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the nylon loops I need for it, so when I do find them I try to stock up by buying three or four bags at a time.

At this point I have quite a stockpile of homemade knit hats and pot holders. That’s OK. They make great gifts. I’ve even donated a few of the hats to be sent to the troops overseas. I’ve also given a few of the pot holders to parents who have kids going off to college or just moving into their first apartment.

It makes me feel good to see my crafts going to good use. However to be honest, I”ll be even better once I can get away from winter. I have a garden spot calling my name!