DIY Herbal Soap with Natural Ingredients

Herbal remedies can help bring balance to your body and mind. You can include these natural ingredients in your DIY soap projects, crafting an artisanal touch for your home. Learn how to safely and effectively incorporate herbs into your next soap project!

| May 2017

Herbal Soap

Make your own soap with natural ingredients, such as lavender.

Photo by Adobe Stock/Whitestorm

DIY Artisanal Soaps (Adams Media, 2016), by Alicia Grosso, teaches how to create natural soap personalized just for you. Sharing helpful tips and instructions, Grosso shows how easy and enjoyable soap making can be. This excerpt from chapter six suggests how to include various types of herbs to include in your soap and the benefits of each ingredient.

You can purchase this book from the Capper’s Farmer store: DIY Artisanal Soaps.

One of the most creative and fun aspects of soap making is deciding what to put in your soap. After all, this is where you craft your bars to meet your own tastes — or those of the people to whom you’re planning to gift the soaps. The online soap making community can give you a lot of tips, but in this chapter we’ll cover some of the most common ingredients in artisanal soaps.

One of the most common ingredients of artisanal soaps is herbs. That’s because herbs are natural — you can grow them in your back garden or on a pot on your kitchen windowsill — and versatile. You can use fresh or dried herbs in soap making, keeping in mind that the flavor and aroma of dried herbs is more concentrated and intense than in the fresh version. In general, as explained in the following sections, dried herbs are preferable.

Using Herbs in Soap Making

In soap, herbs add color and texture. Many soap makers also believe that the medicinal value of herbs can come through in soaps made with them. As with other natural substances, not all herbs are beneficial to humans. There are poisonous herbs that you should avoid. Some herbs, while not toxic, are dermal irritants and should not be used on the skin. Take special care when using herbs with children, the elderly, and people with special healthcare needs. Make sure to do your research, and be responsible and informed when deciding what to use in your soaps.

Adding Herbs to Soap

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