Do-It-Yourself Personalized Garden Sign

If you’re looking for DIY projects, try this custom garden sign.

| Spring 2018

The garden is a great destination for fresh perspective, especially when life gets busy. This project combines inspiration with a little therapy and the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I love visiting the garden. Something about being surrounded by growing plants reminds me that anything is possible, and it generates positive thinking for me.

In my garden, beauty extends beyond the natural elements. There are fun do-it-yourself signs and a few collective pieces that create a happy place year-round. I refer to these items as "garden flair." These elements can include positive and encouraging messages and/or interesting décor that welcomes a creative atmosphere.

We recently relocated further into the country, and after establishing our raised beds in the garden, I noticed a variety of wild birds making a daily appearance. Those winged creatures are what inspired me to create this project.

The tools and materials needed for this project are very basic, and the sign can be made in an afternoon. You can use either new or recycled scrap wood. Be sure to wear safety gear and goggles during the entire process, and remember that the most important detail is to have fun.

Tools and supplies:

­• Electric saw
• Electric drill, bits, and screw heads
• ­Screws
• ­Hammer and finishing nails
• ­Sandpaper
• ­1 cedar fence board, 8 feet long, for stencil base
• ­1 2-by-6 board, 8 feet long, for house base
• ­1-1/2-inch-by-2-1/2-inch board, 8 feet long, for roof trim and planter box
• ­1 2-by-2 board, 8 feet long, for sign stakes
• ­Stencils — whatever sayings and designs you like (the ones I used came from Old Sign and Cutting Edge Stencils)
• ­Stencil brush
• ­Medium paintbrush
• ­Painter's tape
• ­Paint pallet
• ­Chalk paint: yellow, white, and dark brown
• ­Raffi a or seasonal ribbon

Step 1: Cut the Wood

1-1: Cut 2 pieces, 2-1/2 feet in length, from the cedar fence board, for the stencil base.

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