DIY Hand Lotion

   About 15 years ago, my grandmother gave me a do it yourself recipe for making your own had lotion. Written in her own hand writing, I cherished that recipe card. The diy recipe had been giving to her by a friend who swore by it. I’ve made  it myself several times and loved it too.

   Well, long story short, I put that recipe card in a spot that I thought would be perfect. It would never be lost. Wrong! All that I have managed to do is hide it from myself. To this day, I cannot remember where I put it and I’m still looking for it.

   All is not totally lost since I am a lover and a collector of cookbooks, even though I may never use them. Ha! Ha! Imagine that! Lucky for me, one of those cookbooks has become my salvation.

   The 17th Edition Midwest Old Threshers Cookbook has one non-edible recipe. Simply called Teresa’s Lotion (submitted by Linda Ketchum), it is the same  lotion recipe that my grandmother gave to me all those years ago. So even though I continue to search for the card with my grandmother’s handwriting on it, a complete stranger has been a lifesaver for me. 

   I hope this will be fun to make for those of you who like to make your own lotion. Enjoy!

1 (7 1/2 oz jar) Vaseline

1 (15 oz) bottle baby lotion (my grandmother used just regular baby lotion, the recipe in the cookbook lists shea and cocoa butter and baby fresh scent. I tried a lavender scent the last time I made this and was happy with the results)

1 ( 4 oz) jar vitamin E skin care cream

Mic all the ingredients together and put in containers of your choice.