Framed Art Project

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By Traci Smith | Sep 30, 2014

Photo by Karen K. Will
Chickens, pumpkins and sunflower fabric framed in a decorative photo frame.

With just a few materials, you can create a beautiful work of art that can be hung on a wall or placed in an easel to be displayed on a table.

Choose a photo frame and fabric that complement each other or that you can coordinate by painting or staining the frame.

Remove the back and glass from the frame. Sand and paint or stain the frame, if desired, and let it dry.

Iron your fabric to remove any wrinkles. Lay the fabric, face up, on a flat surface and carefully place the glass on top. If you’re using a fabric with a design or pattern, slide the glass around until you find the perfect position to showcase the pattern or design. With a pen or pencil, trace around the glass. Then, using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut the fabric along the lines.

Now you’ll need a thin piece of cardboard — this is generally found between the glass and backing in new frames, but may be missing in used frames. If your frame doesn’t have the cardboard, just cut a piece of sturdy cardstock to fit the frame opening. Apply a small amount — just a few drops — of all-purpose glue to the cardboard, then use your finger to spread the glue around; it doesn’t need to cover the entire area, and you don’t want to use too much glue or it will seep into the fabric. Place the fabric, face up, on the cardboard, making sure to get it properly aligned. Press down gently but firmly, pushing and smoothing out any wrinkles as you go, to adhere the fabric to the cardboard. Set aside to dry for a few hours.

Clean the frame’s glass and place it back in the frame. Insert the fabric-covered cardboard, material side down, then replace the back.

If your frame has hanging hardware or if you plan to showcase the frame with an easel, you’re done. Otherwise, you’ll need to add hanging hooks to the back of the frame.

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