Chicken Wire Photo Board

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By Traci Smith

Photo by Karen K. Will
KU chicken wire photo board.

Give loved ones the opportunity to showcase their favorite photos at home or work with a photo board.

Choose a wooden frame and fabric that go well together. Or you can sand and paint or stain an old frame to make it work with your fabric. When choosing your frame, make sure there is a fairly wide edge on the back, because you’ll need room for stapling your wire and fabric.

Remove the back and glass from the frame; you won’t need either for this project. If you want to paint your frame, sand it first, then give it a coat of paint or stain, and let it dry.

Cut a piece of chicken wire large enough to cover the back of the frame, and staple it to the frame with a stapler, or a staple gun if the frame is thick enough that the staples won’t go through the other side. Use plenty of staples so it’s secure, and stretch it gently as you go so it’s tight.

Iron your fabric, then cut a piece large enough to cover the back of the frame. Place it over the chicken wire and staple it to the frame, pulling gently to keep the wrinkles out.

The back will be rough, so you’ll want to staple a sheet of Kraft paper over the fabric. Just a few staples will work since its sole purpose is to make the back look neat and clean.

Next, cut a length of rope or wire, and staple it to the back of the frame so your photo board can be hung on the wall. Clip a few miniature clothespins to the chicken wire, so the recipient can hang her favorite photos.

Note: Kraft paper, also known as sack paper – brown paper similar to the material used to make brown paper sacks – is available online and in most craft stores in rolls or in sheets.

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Published on Sep 30, 2014