Bears for Orphanages

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In Make and Share Random Acts of Kindnessby Mique Provost, you will find an abundance of ideas for being kind. Make projects for kids, and share food with those in need, find something for everyone in the family to make and share. The crafts are fairly simple to make and just might make somebody’s day better.

Make these super simple stuffed bears to donate to orphanages around the world or to local kids’ organizations. Kids can help making these adorable bears and enjoy knowing that their creations will be going to a good home.

Before starting this project, search for national organizations online who accept donations of this kind. There are many sites that include lists of charities looking for handmade toys. Handcrafting with Love is a great place to start: http://www.handcraftingwithlove.net/charity/hcharity.html.

Supplies Needed

  • Hand towel
  • Black felt
  • Hot-glue gun or embroidery thread
  • Buttons
  • Batting for stuffing


There are several ways to put together these bears. You can use a sewing machine or hand-stitch them–whatever you have on hand and are comfortable with! Use photos as a guide.

    1. First, fold over the hand towel. Using your hand as a guide, cut out two body parts. Then, using the excess from the hand towel, cut out four semi circles for a set of two ears. Next, cut out a triangle shape from the black felt. This will be the bear’s nose. Cut out black felt inner ear shapes and shape for mouth as shown in photos.
    1. Next, you’ll sandwich the bear ears in the middle of the body (which is right sides together to sew). You will have the bear top with the face on it, two ears facing downward with the ends sticking through the top of the bear and the underside of the bear facing together.
    1. Sew around the outside of the body making sure to catch the ears in the sewing. Leave an opening on the bottom of the body.
    1. Turn the bear right sides out and fill with stuffing.
    1. On the bear’s face (the fuzzy towel side), you can either glue or sew buttons on for eyes. Then, either glue or sew on the felt nose, inner ears and mouth.
    1. Then sew the opening closed.

An alternative: Fill the bears up with rice and use as boo bags.

Reprinted with Permission from Make and Share Random Acts of Kindness and Published by Page Street Publishing.