Making Hot Pads For Presents

| 12/15/2014 11:47:00 AM

Mary ConleyDear Friends,

Doesn’t the word, homemade, make you think of a creative, resourceful person? I have always wanted to be that person who could make Christmas presents that were actually practical and appreciated, but the truth is, you need to start way ahead of time or it most likely won’t happen. This Christmas, I was determined I was going to make something easy but still useful for the four women of our family. I always get them a gift, but I wanted to also throw in a homemade item that said I cared and at least tried.

Two weeks before Christmas, I dug out a few pairs of worn-out blue jeans from the attic that I have been saving for a much bigger project. Only this time, I was going to make hot pads. I had seen them on the web, and thought them very cute with the pocket still attached to stick your hand in. I’m going to show you the finished project right off so you can determine if you want to continue reading and possibly make some yourself.

hot pads

Aren’t they cute! My husband, Larry, thought them very clever. I want to give my daughter, Amy, one of the light colored ones since she wore those jeans in high school! (She is 45, now!)

back pad