The Fun Of Sewing For A Granddaughter

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Dear Readers,

Today’s blog is going to be about doing something I’ve always liked to do, but for various reasons, I just never get around to it anymore. Sewing! For quite some time, about all I’ve done is mending or shortening pants legs or curtains. That isn’t fun. I’ve noticed that my sewing machine has been calling me. Yes, I do talk to animals, babies, and even inanimate objects, sometimes. Hey, I’m betting some of you talk to your car, maybe even name it!

I recently had an opportunity to sew. Granddaughter Sophie’s birthday is coming up, so I made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store, and became updated on a few things right off. First of all, never go to a fabric store on Sunday. I had to take a number while waiting in the cutting line and one lady ahead of me had 10 or 12 bolts of Christmas material that she only needed one foot of each! Actually, that was the third thing I learned. The first was that I couldn’t believe how much a pattern costs. The second was that I noticed there were several men in the store. Wow! When did this happen?

I’m going to deviate from the intention of my blog here and tell you about one of the men who stood behind me as I checked out. (Yes, I talk to strangers, too!) Anyway, he had large amounts of bright orange and camouflage fleece. He told me that his boys love camouflage, probably thanks to “Duck Dynasty,” and he was going to make them tie blankets with camouflage on one side and orange on the other. (You know, orange is for when hunters DO want to be seen.) I’ve always said that there isn’t anything more sexy than a man vacuuming, but maybe I should rethink that!

I picked out a pattern, material and notions, and waited in the cutting line, and then in the checkout line. One hour and a half! Larry was reading a book in the car during this time. He was gracious about it even though he waited so long, he had to go searching for a bathroom. Note to self: Not only don’t go on Sundays, but don’t have Larry drive me there!

I’m so fortunate to have this handy, space-saving sewing cabinet that I can just fold everything away in an instant. What I’m concerned about, though, is that my machine is making some harsh sounds now and then. It is around 30 years old, but would I replace such an expensive item at age 73? If not, what would I use to do my mending? You can believe I did a lot of talking during this project, telling my machine to hang in there for as long as I need it.

Notice the price on this Simplicity pattern. Even at 40 percent off, it adds up. The notions are expensive, too, and I needed yards of white bias tape.

Here is my finished project: An apron and hot pad for Sophie, the same for her 18-inch-doll, Holly, and an apron for Mommy. I’m imagining Sophie and Holly playing make-believe in her little kitchen in the play area, and also Sophie and Mommy baking cookies together for real. All wearing matching aprons, of course! What fun!

I saved this blog until after the party so they could model for you!