Wild and Whimsical Wreaths

Author Photo
By Terri Chandler And Katie Smyth | Dec 31, 2019

Photo by Kristin Perers

Crafts made with natural materials are gaining popularity. For the first time in years, it feels like people are foraging again for food and plant life to bring indoors.

Nurturing that connection with the world around us and its changing seasons is important to us, and we want to encourage you to experience this too. Challenging yourself to make something out of a few stems you gathered while out on a walk, or from your garden, brings great satisfaction, as well as a bit of nature’s beauty into your home.

Craft one or all of these natural wreaths, and enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons inside your home.

Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth make up Worm London. These projects are excerpted with permission from their book Wreaths (Quadrille, 2018).

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