Easy, DIY, Wine-Cork Ornament

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For more than ten years now I’ve been doing a Christmas ornament exchange with friends out on the west coast. We each make an ornament and ship it off in mid-December. Over the years, my tree has more and more decorations from this exchange. It’s been terrific!

This year, I did a simple, wine-cork craft ornament. We make our own wine, so we have plenty of unused corks available. I suppose you could use a used cork, but I’m not sure.

If you want to try to make a cute wine-cork ornament for yourself, here are some easy instructions:

Wine-Cork Christmas Ornament


• Small piece of fabric (any color is fine)
• Wine Cork
• Small piece of orange fabric
• 2 eyes
• Twig, about 3 inches in length
• Wire (I used wire we saved that had been wrapped around new garden fencing)
• Invisible thread (for hanger)


1. Cut your fabric into the shape of a hat and sew it shut.

2. Glue the hat to the cork.

3. Cut out a small, triangle nose and glue it to the cork.

4. Glue eyes to the cork.

5. Using needle-nose pliers, shape 2 pieces of wire into legs and feet shapes. Stick the wire ends into the bottom of your cork.

6. Wrap your wire legs around the stick and secure with glue.

7. Use invisible thread to create a hanger.