Handy House

Mounted to a post near your garden entrance, this house-style box will come in handy for holding items you may now lug around in your pockets. 

By the Editors of Storey Publishing
December 2017

This handy house will keep your gardening accessories and tools organized. Photo by John Gruen.

The Vegetable Gardener's Book of Building Projects by the Editors of Storey Publishing (Storey Publishing, 2010) is a collection of DIY projects for your garden. From how to make a compost bin to building a lawn chair, you’ll find instructions on how to make your garden more productive and enjoyable. These instructions for this handy house will have you emptying your gardening apron in no time.

You’ll soon find many uses for your handy house, from string for lining up rows to a trowel to supplies you usually have to go back to the house for (a saltshaker for discouraging the cabbage moths, a duster of rotenone, rubber knee pads worn for the fine weeding, a section of old sheeting to be torn up for tomato ties). It’s also great for storing a notepad and a pencil to jot down when you planted what and where.