DIY Snow Globe

Learn how to make snow globes with mason jars.

| Winter 2015

  • DIY Snow Globe
    DIY snow globes are fun to make for kids and adults alike.
    Photo by Kellsey Trimble

  • DIY Snow Globe

Snow globes bring back great memories for a lot of us, as they sparked our imaginations as youngsters – and maybe they still do.

DIY Snow Globe Materials

• Wide mouth Mason jar, lid and band – quart or pint
• Hot glue gun and glue, or glue dots
• Miniature Christmas figurines and ornaments
• White sand
• Glitter – white, silver or gold

1. First, give your mason jar, the lid and band a quick rinse, and make sure they’re completely dry.

2. Then, using glue dots or a hot glue gun, fasten some miniature figurines onto the lid, making sure they adhere tightly. It doesn’t need to look perfect, because the “snow” you’re going to add will cover up any glue and such. I like the simple look of a stand of trees covered in snow, like you might find in a field while out scouting for a Christmas tree, so I used miniature fir trees with snow-frosted tips. Other miniature figurines could include wrapped presents, dolls, or tiny animals, to name a few. Next, add a few miniature ornaments that will catch the eye, and glue them down. I added two white doves I found at my local craft store, and they completed the winter scene perfectly.

3. While the glue is setting up on the lid, fill the jar with about 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup of white sand, which is your snow. Depending on the size of your jar and miniatures, you may need to add more or less. For tall trees, a bit more may be needed, and for smaller items, you’ll want to use less so your items don’t get completely covered. To give your snow globe more of a wonderland look, add a generous dash of white, silver or gold glitter.

4. When the glue is set, place the lid on the jar, then add and tighten the band. Turn your jar upside down and gently shake the contents to evenly distribute the snow.

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