A Smaller Place to Call Home

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By Mel Boone | Jun 13, 2016

There’s something that I’ve been thinking about: a smaller place to live. More specifically, tiny homes and school bus conversions.

In a country that seems to have so many McMansions, I’m starting to think that bigger isn’t always better. The idea that one can live in a tiny home and be quite content catches my attention every time I see an article. Can you really live in a home so small? It must be true. Think about our ancestors. They lived in log homes that I’m guessing could have been about 400 square feet. There are those today that can make a nice tiny home anywhere from 140 to 600 square feet. Can you imagine a home today that’s less that 1,000 square feet?

The next time you’re on the internet, go to Pinterest and look at the pictures of tiny homes that are on there. There’s plenty to look at. No empty spaces are wasted. The ideas are endless from tiny cottages that can fit in someone’s back yard, on wheels so that you can move them just like a camper, tiny log cabins, and those who really think outside the box and use shipping containers to build their small home. It makes me think. “How much stuff do I really need own just to make a place a home?”

School bus conversions really catch my attention. Some of the school bus conversions and floor plans are just amazing. They look just as good as the RVs that come straight from the factory. The conversions range from the small buses up to the full length buses. I’ve even seen the full length buses manufactured in such a way that the front half is livable while the back half can haul a antique tractor or car.

I love the concept of “living outside the box.” I just need to downsize a whole lot! I do believe that I sit on the border of having a little too much and hoarder. I have a love affair with reading. So many of my books need to go to the library if I would just stop procrastinating and do it. The same with my closet. So many clothes need to be donated, but alas, I keep procrastinating.

Needless to say, it will be a little while before I get into a tiny home. I must declutter my life first. I mean, I can’t take it with me once I’m gone.

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