Farewell To Winter

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I used to have a Jack Russell Terrier named Stubby. He loved to go out to snoop and play in the snow. It was always a good day when he could go out to see if he could find anything in the snow, especially if it was a mouse. Somehow, Stubby managed to find a few in the snow. Stubby passed away in July 2014. I now have a new Jack Russell puppy, Jake, who is 7 months old.

As far as Jake is concerned, this past winter was a winter wonderland. It was his first winter and he made the best of it. Every time I would get ready to go out, Jake would beat me to the back door, pawing at it in anticipation of what was to come. I would barely get the door open and Jake would be running out like greased lightning!

The backyard as well as the empty lots behind the used car lot, car wash and gas station are Jake’s playground on most days. Once it gets warmer, we’ll take more trips to the fairgrounds and lake.

Jake would run through the snow, jumping around and rooting around in the snow as he went. Sometimes, if it was snowing when we went out, he would try to catch the snowflakes as they fell. Thank goodness the snowdrifts have been small this winter. Otherwise, I might have lost Jake in them as he liked to run and play in the snow drifts.

The fairground is a county park. That’s 40 to 50 acres of pure enjoyment for Jake. Even though we only took a few snowy trips out there this winter, it was no less exciting for Jake. The occasional rabbit always got his attention. With spring just around the corner, the trips to the fairgrounds will be longer and a lot warmer.

Jake’s first winter in now coming to a close. As we say farewell to winter, the snow here has pretty much melted, and a mud has made its debut. I can only hope that Jake and I will have many years of adventures and companionship together.

Stubby in the snow.