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By The Capper's Farmer Editors

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This attractive three-piece collection features a bamboo birdhouse, butterfly house and mason bee house.
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These shovel-shaped herb markers come in a set of five and are appropriate for both potted plants and outdoor gardens.
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These work gloves from Gardener's Supply Company are made with breathable recycled fabric, reinforced stress points and padded synthetic suede palms.

If anyone on your gift-giving list enjoys working in the garden or just being outdoors, Gardener’s Supply Company offers some cool products, in a variety of price ranges, that would make great gifts. Below is just a sampling of things to consider from their line of gardening tools and clothing; bee houses, butterfly houses and birdhouses; and solar path lights and flower stakes.

Garden Shovel Herb Markers – These creative herb markers are adorable with their vintage charm. They come in a set of five (Oregano; Parsley; Rosemary; Thyme; and Basil) and can be used either in potted plants or in the backyard garden.

Eco-Smart Work Gloves for Menand Women – The gloves are made with breathable, stretchable, recycled fabric, and feature reinforced stress points and padded, synthetic suede palms. They are built for the toughest outdoor and garden chores, while at the same time fitting comfortably, and the breathable fabric keeps hands from overheating. They are durable and attractive, and are built to last more than one season.

Bamboo Habitat Collection – This beautiful three-piece collection features a bee house, a birdhouse and a butterfly house, all with hanging loops and woven from natural bamboo. These attractive teardrop-shaped shelters shed water while at the same time providing good ventilation. These can also be purchased separately instead of as a set. Sure to invite colorful songbirds to the yard, the Woven Bamboo Birdhouse has a 1-1/4 inch entrance hole for common backyard birds and also features a clean-out door on the back. Provide a safe haven for beautiful butterflies with the Woven Bamboo Butterfly House, which features narrow slots that keep predators out while allowing a safe place for butterflies to roost and be protected from rain and wind. On the back side, a door allows easy access for placing bark or twigs inside for the butterflies to perch on. The Mason Bee House will help boost garden productivity while serving as a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging mason bees, which are incredible pollinators.

These products and a variety of other items for the garden, as well as products for the home and kitchen, are available at Gardener’s Supply Company.

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Published on Oct 22, 2014