Money: Gold and platinum card benefits far out-weigh the costs

Getting a credit card normally means you’re able to pay for goods that you cannot afford to pay in cash, larger purchases mean it’s more practical to carry a credit card rather than a briefcase full of money. Being able to repay the credit card purchases off at a slower rate whilst inadvisable is still an option for the more daring spenders.

Some cards even offer multiple different benefits such as fraud protection as standard but the biggest benefits come from Gold and Platinum cards. This breed of credit card is normally offered to customers who have had credit cards with certain providers for a long period of time and who may also be earning a big wage.

Their credit limit is normally astronomical compared to other cards in some cases reaching up to $25,000 or $50,000. These cards do have their drawbacks though, they tend to have arrangement fees, and arrangement fees are normally something we don’t have to pay for conventional credit cards.

Is this worth it then, to get platinum or gold credit cards? Well the benefits that can be got from these cards are plenty; if you were to book your holiday then you’d get travel insurance for your flights if they were booked using your credit card.

They don’t work like other 0% credit cards as they require a monthly payment but you have 59 days from the date of the purchase to pay it off and this 59 day period is interest free. A much more pleasing option than paying for goods or services at the end of the month and being charged for instantly not paying it off!

Air miles is another benefit that has become associated with gold and platinum credit cards, with flights coming up in price it may pay to use your credit card if only to get next year’s holiday that little bit cheaper.

Obviously the higher credit limit may look tempting but remember that credit cards are to be used sparingly and not to get yourself in over your head. If you are offered a gold or platinum card then weigh up the benefits and potential problems you could run into before committing.

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About the Author: Andy Adams is an IT worker and experienced writer.