Greetings at the Door

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When I’m away from home, regardless if it’s a couple of hours or most of the day, It’s always nice to pull into the driveway and be home. Of course, I usually hear my greeting party before I even get out of the vehicle. My welcome committee knows I’m back and they are waiting to meet me at the door.

They’ve got the best spot in the living room to watch for me. The couch sits right in front of one of the living room windows. By sitting on the back of the couch, they can see the driveway. If one or both of them are curled up there, you will be hard pressed to drive up or down the driveway without Jake or Buddy knowing about it.

Once in awhile, I do get a chance to sneak up on them. It’s the rare occasion when they both have decided to take a nap on my bed. In that case, I’m usually just stepping into the kitchen before they realize that their human is home. Then it’s full speed ahead to through the house to give me a lick on the face. Their expressions are like “oh we knew you were here the whole time!”

The one thing that never fails is Jake and Buddy’s enthusiasm. They are always excited to see me. I can go out for five minutes just to take out the trash and they will still be excited to have me come back in. No matter how bad the day has been or how sad I am, they’re happy to be with me. It’s a nice, warm feeling to know that I’ve got a couple to come home to.

So it goes with my life. I’ve never been without a pet to come home to. Honestly, I”d just assume that it stay that way.

Buddy and Jake relaxing on the couch.