Guineas Are From Mars Chickens Are From Venus

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Can we come in and play with you?

Now I have little troughs of water for them in strategic places and when I feed the chickens I scatter mealworms and game bird crumble on the ground near the chicken pen. They are starting to expect me and come running. I don’t think that they will gather round my feet like the chickens do but it’s nice to see they are somewhat OK with me.

I call them The Keystone Cops

I’ve been struggling as to how to describe the noise Guinea fowl make. If you own Guineas you will certainly know what I am talking about. They make an awful racket that sounds like party noise makers on steroids. Or the edge of a big metal spoon on a washboard. Then it hit me. They sound EXACTLY like the Martians in the movie “Mars Attacks!”

“Ack! Ack! Ack!” Think of ten Martians ack, ack, acking all at once and you will have a pretty good idea of what Guineas sound like when they are upset or excited.