The Many Uses of Burlap

| 12/13/2013 10:36:00 AM

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Brandon DinsmoreAs odd as it might seem I've found a measurable amount of happiness in a burlap sack  as it has proven over and over again to be sturdy, reliable, and countlessly useful. Seeing as such a thing has provided so thoroughly for our small farm I thought it only courteous to share this story (of a large rough bag, no less).

My wife and I are constantly looking for good bargains wherever we go, as I assume most of us are acquainted with doing, and one of the best deals we've come across in recent years are bins of once-used burlap sacks which tend to come from regions of the world where coffee beans are a primary import/export. Our usual shop is the local Atwoods farm and ranch store. I'll admit that I don't quite agree with the high prices they charge for a lot of their items but in a rural area they've realized people have little choice and, given the nature of these kinds of stores and the quality that is frequently associated with the goods and wares they sell, sometimes they shine with this multi-fucntional 'tool' which we've come to rely upon for so many things. Usually they sell each bag for a dollar. That's just cheap enough for me to get carried away and buy a dozen or so bags. After all, each bag is comprised of enough material to be dutifully converted into several useful items.

Uses for burlap sacks


When we first brought home a bounty of these things we didn't really know what we were going to do with them and had only a small inclination to use them as my mother had suggested, filling them with soil and growing potatoes inside of them. Perfect! That's one use that literally pays for the bags before the first year of use is over.

So we filled them with dirt, tied some jute twine around them to shape them like barrels, and filled them to the top so we could have some fine tubers growing to eventually fill out the cold storage drawers.

12/16/2013 4:56:47 PM

Brandon, burlap sacks are to fabric as pallets are to wood. Projects abound to the creative mind. Homesteaders are filled with creative ways to recycle things and you are no exception. I don't have a source for burlap but practically unlimited source for pallets. It's amazing how many there are for the taking. If they are just broken up too much, then burn them in the firepit. Hard wood which most all pallets are made will burn good in a firepit. Burlap in my grandmother's day was even used to make clothes. Flour came in nice material and I have a pair of bib overalls that Mom made when I was about two years old from flour sacks. Of course now flour comes in a paper sack and farm feed comes in plastic lined paper sacks. That's progress for you. ***** Have a great creative burlap project day.

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