Jake and His Pals

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My Jack Russell terrier, Jake, is a happy go lucky type of dog. He seems to make friends everywhere he goes. At home, he has friends that aren’t human. Just don’t tell them that, they already think that they are.

Bogie, my parrot, has been around forever. Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating. Bogie has been in my household since she was five and a half months old and she will turn 35 years old in November. Not bad for a parrot. She was really lost without Stubby when he passed away a couple years ago. They were the best of friends. Now that Jake is with us, Bogie squawks and chatters at him. Jake will just look at her and barks right back. It’s like they’re having their own little conversation. The humans in the household, however, have no clue what they are saying to each other. As far a I know, Jake and Bogie are making plans to rule the world!

At the time that I brought Jake home in October 2014, Garfield was still with me. Abandoned by the neighbors, Garfield called my tractor shed home for a couple of years before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Jake was only seven weeks old at the time. After a couple of days of getting used to his new surroundings, Jake finally worked up the nerve to do a meet and greet with Garfield. It was friendship right from the start. Jake loved playing with this orange cat. Garfield tolerated Jake the best he could, with an occasional pat on the nose if Jake got to playing a little too rough.

Now Jake has Fluffy as friend. Fluffy now occupies the tractor shed that Garfield once called home. Grey and “fluffy” fur, Fluffy is a small cat, but very friendly. Fluffy never fails to make an appearance daily for food and attention. Jake get most of the attention. Fluffy will spend as much time rubbing its body up next to Jake for as long as Jake will stand still for it. From time to time, they play tag with each other. Other times, they walk side by side on their daily walks without any care in the world.

Jake and Fluffy.

Who would have thought that a parrot, a Jack Russell and a cat could be friends? It has happened. Now if the world would only follow their example.