Llama Alert

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By Valerie Root | Nov 25, 2013

Llama Alert!

We came home late one night and Russ spotted Sally but not Suzie. He backs up and pulls in toward the gate and shines the head lights into the pasture. No Suzie. He backs up and shines them another direction. Oops there she is. Just black as night and impossible to see except for her ears, reflecting the lights. Her halter is too big for her and hangs around her neck.

So Ben is going to tighten up her halter. He jumps the fence and grabs her lead rope. Suzie came up off the ground like a rocket. As her feet touch the ground she is flat out running. Her sorrowful bellers are so sad. He scared her so bad. She is dragging Ben behind her. He is about 6 feet and 4 feet is legs. She had him stretched out and struggling to stay afoot. I never knew he could almost do the splits. He finally gets both legs in front of him and wraps the rope around one haunch and puts the skids on. He looks like he is water skiing only in a precarious postition. She stops running and whips around and hocks a loogie at him. Her neck is stretched clean out, ears flat against the back of her head.

While he is dodging a spit wad, she takes off at a dead run, turns a quick right and cracks that lead rope, and Ben goes flying. His long legs look like a windmill on a cartoon. While he is catching his balance, she hocks another loogie at him. I start screaming, “If she hits you, you are walking home. I am not letting you in the car.” Then I am hollering, “Talk to her, you scared her to death. Let her know who you are.”

It didn’t work. She hocked another loogie at him. He starts to walk up the lead rope hand over fist. As he reaches her head she rares back and hocks but no loogie this time. She would have gotten him right in the face if she would have spit on him. That smells sooo bad and lingers quite some time before it dissipates. She finally let him work on the halter, and he calmed her down but I felt so bad for her. She was just so frightened. He gave her grain the next day to help her settle down some more.

Sally just watched and never said a thing. Funny how you think they would have ganged up on him but Suzie had to fight her own battles and Sally just watched. In Sally’s defense though, she did see Ben come over the fence and so she knew who it was.

Did you notice how I spelled loogie. I finally got smart and asked Google how to because I was becoming quite creative in my spelling efforts to get it right.

Thank you all for listening.

Have a great day,


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